Having fun learning palm heal strike

Stand still whilst I punch you

Oh what fun learning to throw

No Little Tigons class Sat 23rd and 30th of Julyu 2011

What are the Little Tigons

Little Tigons is a class especially developed for the younger student – from 3 to 6 years old. The human child just like any off spring on any other mammal needs to rough and tumble and learn to play with its peers. Unfortunately in the present environment due to often unfounded “health and safety” issues children are prohibited this natural release. At the Little Tigons class we teach simple exercises which are fun as well as helping to develop suppleness and strength even in the younger child in a safe environment. The children are then taught to roll both forwards and backwards, and then taught simple safe and effective jujitsu techniques getting them ready for the older classes should they wish to progress.

We then have a fun Jitsu-cise lesson with boxing gloves, both normal and giant and pugil sticks, followed by a rough and tumble games session. The children even at this early age are taught discipline and not to bully or be bullied.

The Little Tigons class is an excellent outlet for a young child with lots of energy.

Classes are held at our Crook Dojo on Saturday Mornings from 11.30 to 12.30 and cost £3 per session, payable at each session. After a couple of weeks of attending class and showing good behaviour the child is rewarded with a free Little Tigons T shirt.

For more information contact Sensei Graham on 0790 3393613