ladies self defence

It is important to be confident that you can protect yourself, not only in your own home but also out and about. We recognise that some times an individual may want to learn self-defence, but not go through the rigid grading structure of a martial art. We have therefore developed various courses that teach the basics of self-defence and can be taken in one or two days or over a period of weeks.

The basis of this form of self-defence has its origin in Jujitsu. The basics of which can be learnt by both sexes young and old. There is no need to be fit. These lessons will give you the self-confidence that helps prevent you being the target of an attack and could save you from an assault.

If you wish you could then go on to learn the art of Jujitsu itself or if you prefer just carry on improving and grow in self confidence.

We even run self-defence classes specifically designed for Women

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