Childrens Training Session Bulldog

Back fist strike

Mohan Jujitsu translates literally as Ideal Jujitsu and is a practical, useful form of modern day self-defence. It has evolved over the last 20 years with its origin in the World Ju-Jitsu Federation through Jikishin and Shu-Ho jujitsu to its present day format.

Where Mohan Jujitsu differs from other forms of Jujitsu is that although all techniques are in English with no difficult Japanese names to learn, it tries to keep to the original concept of a true unarmed self-defence art. There are no difficult Katas or competitions, Jujitsu is not a sport and should not be treated as one.

Whilst there is a Syllabus with gradings for the various coloured belts from Yellow to Black with set techniques to learn and master, there are no set formats or finishes for the techniques. From the very beginning each student is encouraged to develop his or her individual style, recognising that every person is different in shape, size and strength and have certain limitations and or disabilities.

After all if one technique fits all why would there be so many to learn.