Ten useful tips

  1. When shouting for help. shout Fire !!! - People are more likely to react to the threat of fire.
  2. If asked for the time, if you feel threatened say you "dont have a watch" and walk on. If you do want to give the time, raise your hand to your face to see your watch, not look down to your hand.
  3. If threatened try to keep a space between you and the attacker. Avoid entering his space.
  4. Always take a strong but non aggressive stance. The idea is to avoid being attacked. The time to be aggressive is when you have no other choice. Remember ASSERTIVE NOT AGGRESSIVE.
  5. If attacked try to scratch your attacker - This makes identification easier and skin under nails can be used for DNA tests.
  6. Carry two purses/wallets one with some old plastic club cards in and some old holiday currency or coloured paper at the most one back note. This can also be used when shopping with only one credit card and the smallest amount of money you need. Avoid advertising what you are carrying.
  7. If you have to hand over your purse/ bag etc accidentally drop it at the attackers feet. Try to avoid getting in to close to be grabbed.
  8. Remember old Chinese proverb "Woman run faster with skirt up than man with trousers down".
  9. When walking in traffic walk with the traffic coming towards you. This has two benefits, a) normal road safety b) it avoids you being easily stalked in a car.
  10. On a plane place your hand luggage in the overhead compartment opposite not above your head. This way you can keep an eye on your possessions.