Sensei Graham at Crook

Graham Tomaszko receiving Wear Valley Male Coach of the year award from Eddie (the eagle) Edwards

Professor Graham Tomaszko 6th Dan Shihan

Professor Tomaszko has been studying martial arts for 49 years having practiced Judo, Kung Fu and Karate including full contact Kick Boxing, before settling with Jujitsu and Kempo-Jitsu over 35 years ago.

After obtaining Dan grades in different Martial Arts, Graham achieved his Black belt in Jujitsu with the WJJF before moving to study with different Ryus (schools) where he obtained his Dan grade in Kempo-Jitsu. Following an injury to his shoulder he soon realised that the majority of Martial Art styles tend to follow the senior instructor’s style, fitting his or her physical make up and personal likes and dislikes, not always catering for an individual students or any limitations they may have. He therefore founded Mohan which translates to” Ideal” allowing individuals to develop their full potential whatever their abilities.

Having spent some time in Japan and China looking and experiencing different organisations, Graham joined and is Chairman of the Independent Unarmed Combat Association and founded Mohan Martial Arts both registered with NAKMAS, allowing individuals to develop their full potential.

Graham was voted Male Community Coach of the year for 2007/8 by Wear Valley District Council and Durham County Council.