Four New Blackbelts

liam Dalaney receiving his Junior Black Belt from Sensei Graham

Phillip Pegs receiving his Junior Black Belt from Sensei Graham

Danny Williams with Sensei Graham after receiving his Junior Black Belt

Scott Hobbs awarded Junior 1st Dan

Proud youngsters from the over 10s showing off their new belts

Welcome to Durham Jujitsu Club

The Durham branch of Mohan Jujitsu was formed in October 2013 at Abbey Leisure Centre. The first session was attended by 3 junior students, and 2 Adult students. This is only beginning so Come along and learn one of the best self defence systems in the world.

Jujitsu is not a sport and does not have competitions, the student studying both the physical and technical aspects of Japans oldest martial art. Therefore unlike a number of other “martial arts” which have developed sporting aspects Mohan Jujitsu does not favour the more gifted students in order to gain trophies etc.

The junior sessions last an hour and are designed to be fun as well as informative. No standard of fitness is required, and shy, or introverted students are encouraged and brought out of their shells.

The Adult session also lasts an hour and encompasses Kempo and Unarmed Combat lessons taught by Sensei Graham as well as the more traditional Jujitsu. Once again no particular standard of physical fitness is required nor is gender or age.

If you are looking for a practical form of self defence or a true martial art to study come along and see us on Friday night at The Abbey Leisure Centre Durham (near the Arniston Shopping Centre) or contact via the site.

Details of times etc can be found on the Durhaml site under club details

Looking forward to meeting you.

Sensei Graham