Hip Throw

Body Drop

Ju-Jitsu is generally recognised as the mother art from which other japanese martial arts developed, in particular judo which omitted the kicking and striking techniques and developed into a world wide recognised sport and Aikido.

Ju-Jitsu was developed in Japan's feudal era (11th Century) as a means of self defence should a Samurai become unarmed during combat.

Although the art has been adapted through the ages to deal with modern times it still remains true to its original concepts, and should not be regarded as a sport, but rather a true Martial Art.

Ju-Jitsu is extremely versatile and the techniques used have been developed to deal with a multitude of attacks including strangles, holds, strikes and kicks.

Emphasis is placed on blocking an attack striking to stun then throwing and locking an attacker.

Jujitsu is an all round form of self-defence utilising kicks, hand strikes, throws and locks, and therefore can be used to meet and ward off various levels of attacks and still stay within the confines of the law, using reasonable force.